New focus for Blog and YouTube Channel

I’ve made some decisions regarding where I what to take the blog and the YouTube channel.

Above all, I will endeavor to maintain something of an “Oasis of Positivity”. There is simply too much good in sim racing to waste time on negativity, greed, whining, fanboy-ism and other nonsense.  Also to this end, I am going to do everything I can to keep things simple such as running things out of the box as much as possible, not fixing things that aren’t broke, and avoiding temptation of things I don’t need.

I will also follow a more traditional blog/vlog format where I simply share what I do, think, learn, know and discover and the lion’s share of my followers are like-minded or learn from my experience.

I have also begun to keep my to do list and notes at the blog such as race settings, setups, race results, etc.  Since I need to keep them somewhere anyway, why not share them with my friends?

Let’s see where it takes us 🙂


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