rFactor 2 Build 1108 release and roadmap impressions

You can read the update for yourself here so I’m only going to address what stands out the most to me personally in the build and, more importantly, what I believe is missing from the road map.


By far, the biggest news of this update is the reversal of one of the all-time most terrible business decisions I can think of and that is no longer charging a subscription fee for multiplayer.

As if rFactor 2 MP didn’t already have enough competition from rFactor 1, other games based on the rFactor 1 engine, and rFactor 2 offline racing.

The only thing that rivals the irrationality of the MP subscription model is the complaints about its discontinuation by lifetime membership holders who complain of ghost towns.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Automation and Bug Tracking

automating the entire build process and setting up a new internal bug tracking system – two improvements that will help speed up public releases of fixes and features

ISI portfolio, development and quality control management process were simply non-existent by any definition.

That’s it!  Everything else pales by comparison.  Now let’s talk about the roadmap, specifically content and ease-of-use.


The only thing I care about regarding content is what is going to be done about existing, low quality content.  Marcel has promised to give us an answer when he has one.  By far, the 60s content hurts the most especially in the shadow of this dramatic launch video from 2011:

Today, I publicly offer to pay handsomely for updated 60s vehicle content as DLC.  Who’s with me?

Offline Racing / AI

And content does no good if it doesn’t work together, which makes me curious about the following from the roadmap…

Concerning content, we are very excited with the direction we are headed, certainly in the way plan to match cars and tracks. We will start to develop this approach over the next few months.

As it stands, AI functionality limitations, defective vehicles and low-quality track AIWs are crippling too much content and each combo (even the identification of combos that work ; including stock content) demands hundreds of hours of testing to achieve an acceptable experience and an acceptable experience is not always possible.

I have already begun documenting my combo testing and results here and will be adding more detail to that post as I proceed.

That’s all for now!


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