Living Document – Working Around rFactor 2 Quality Issues

Howston G4

Engine overheating

Not sure if global issue but happening at Lester on straight and only setup adjustment = Rev limiter so will drop that to 7000 and reduce further or dig into files some more to address.  Edit – Engine also overheated at Portugal I believe ; also on the main straight.

AI Testing Process

Edit new process starts AI% testing at 110% which is cutoff for allowing for improvement.

I have decided to concentrate first on tracks which the G4 AI are reasonably able to navigate and address slowness via:

  1. Increase AI strength
  2. Driving a slower (depending on track) version of the G4 vs the AI in a faster version
  3. Apply a fuel ballast to my car
  4. Set fuel = OFF to extend (if it works how I’d think) my ballast handicap vs AI
  5. If all else fails, race against a different car (GTO) that is faster or has better AI

Tracks currently testing include:

  • Nords – Start with 100% and ’67 vs ’67
    • 100% not bad ; some incidents / danger spots
    • Needs more testing
    • Need to understand why qualify times not reporting even after 2 full laps
      • (see Steam screenshot)
  • Bugatti – Start with 100%
    • AI appear to be more competitive with ’69 without larger rims
      • BUT ~2 seconds difference in AI speed between races
    • Needs more testing to ensure random driver affect is not excessive
      • Or better yet need to fix VEH/RCD if can
  • Lester – Try 117%
    • Had decent race with ’69 wide rims at 115% but was still faster than AI

Tracks to be tested include:

  1. Sebring – Was fastest at 100% by eight tenths so try 110%
  2. Portugal – Was second fastest at 100% so try 105%
    1. 11/30 at 110%…borderline
      1. By comparison, Spark F1 AI smoke me at 110%
  3. Malaysia – Was third fastest at 100% so try 105%
  4. Loch Drummond – Was fastest by far at 100% in all previous races so start with 110%
  5. Monaco – Start with 105%
  6. Texas World Speedway – Try 110%
  7. Mid-OH – Start with 115% ==> 117% Edit – 117% will work for but not for long.  
    1. Results ==>
    2. EF2 results at 100% AI here ==>
  8. Toban – Start with 115%
  9. Indianapolis 2013

For tracks that are truly worth the testing effort and which the G4 AI are not able to navigate (Mills, Atlanta Motorsports Park), drive against a reasonably-matched car which the AI are able to navigate around the track.


  1. Replace engine sounds and change eyepoint
  2. Combo / AI% testing


  1. Opponent number/distance audio/volume issues
  2. Combo / AI% testing

Spark F2

  1. Skins or race against different cars with have skins
  2. Combo / AI% testing


  1. Combo / AI% testing

Skip Barber

  1. Combo / AI% testing

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