How is sim racing different from a racing game?

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How is sim racing different from a racing game?

==> The goal of (consumer) racing sims is to provide the most realistic driving and racing experience possible in your home

==> You know you’re driving a sim when the car responds as expected to real-world driving techniques and inputs

==> To put the above into perspective, Kunos Simulazioni has developed seven versions of the tire model between version 1.0 and 1.5 their Assetto Corsa simulator

==> Racing sims give you full control over who, what, where, when, why and how you race

That sounds fine, but what does that really MEAN? How is it DIFFERENT?

Short answers with a little help (the ones in quotes ; some are paraphrased ; source) from my friends:

==> You will rewarded for good driving and punished for your mistakes

==> Improvement opportunities are endless and your ability to identify them increases as your skills increase

==> Physics detail means every lap is different

==> Investment return on skill development is astronomical

==> Sims can help you prepare for track days

==> “I think the easiest way of describing [sim racing] is that it’s a way of practicing the martial art of driving fast at home”

==> “Driving a sim means its as close to doing it for real as possible. If driving a real F1 is cool then driving it in a sim should be too.”

==> “You’ll enjoy [real life] races much more after you tried a sim”

==> “If you don’t want to be like losers in Mustang epic fail videos, you should sim race”

For a more in-depth answer, see…

Great story – History of Papyrus Racing Games

Confessions of Console Convert – Part 2 – “Dude, There are Tenths Everywhere!”

Here is a forum reply that I thought illustrated the benefits of skills well


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