Tech Talk – Speed vs Drifting, Slippery Cars and Sim vs IRL

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Just re-posting what I think are two articulate ISI forum comments  from Kelju_K (who I have raced online before and is pretty fast) that some may find insightful…

having a car that is easily driftable are opposites of each other.

The weight transfer in a quick car, follows the pace of going thru the corner. In other words, if you go quickly (not speed) thru the corner the weight must transfer to the out side tires, and back quickly. You open the throttle as the weight starts to come back to center, and if you want a good laptime, you better be at the apex on that moment.

In a Drifting, the weight must transfer to the outside tires rather quicly, BUT return slowly, AND you open the throttle while the weight is still on the outside tires, inceasing gradually to keep the weight on the outside. That is why to drift, you “flick” the weight early to the side and let it slide thru the corner.

So if you want to drift make rebound higher in the rear and maybe raise the rideheight in the front a bit. It’s fun, but you wont be that quick that way, and you cook your tires in a lap or two.

I agree on feathering the throttle, you gotta be very active with the pedal, and “feel it” as you go.

Now for the ones that feel that cars like these are too slippery:

I know that “feeling” the weight transfer is one of the biggest challenges in simulation vs real life.

When you are cornering in a real car, you know by instinct that the correct moment to start to apply more throttle, is the moment the weight starts to move back towards the center of the car. You dont have to think about it. It comes naturally to you without having to give it any tought.

Now, while in real life it is quite easy to avoid mistakes like opening the throttle while your weight is still fully on the outside tires (which you know leads to the rear to step out suddenly), you cannot avoid making these kind of mistakes in a simulator sometimes. Not even after years of practice really.

In sims, it’s very hard to get proper feeling of the weight transfer and other physical forces at play. And since your brain has learned to rely on feeling all that irl, the sim cars feel unpredictable.

To be able to drive an accurately modelled sim car well, your brain is going to have to learn an additional way of “seeing” things, on top of what comes naturally to you. It takes time, there’s no way around it. That’s why people get similar thoughts about the cars as Spinelli and Joe and few others do that i’ve noticed. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad driver, OR that thre is something wrong with the car. It just means that you are still in the process of learning to feel everything that is going on with the car in a simulated world.

I have had guys at my place to play sims as a tradition for years, and i have had quests that are pro and semipro irl, and they all struggle with this among other simulation challenges versus real life.

Dont be too hard on your self, and separate your real life driving ego from your sim driving ego. That is the fastest way to get progress in this matter.

Finally my 2 most important rules for my self are:

1 dont take your eyes of the line.

2 dont rush it.


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