What do people mean when they say a car is hard to drive?


There are many possibilities:

“This CAR is hard to handle/drive in general”

“This car is hard FOR ME to drive”

“This car is hard to drive FAST”

…and so on…

So, there is no way to tell what someone means without clarification or some clues.

For example, when someone on a video is reviewing a car and saying it is hard to drive but recommending people drive the car anyway because it is fun, they are clearly declaring that the CAR is hard to drive IN GENERAL and NOT only for themselves.

Sadly, they are often wrong about this. How do I know this? There are many reasons but I’ll give you two to keep it simple.

First, if it is not hard for me to drive then it is not hard to drive. I am a mid pack racer with no special talent but I do know how to drive and understand basic vehicle dynamics.

Second, many will argue that no car is hard to drive slow and all cars are hard to drive fast.

So, why do they say the car is hard to drive? Simple. Overestimating their own ability, they assume the car must be hard to drive for anyone if it is hard to drive for them. Sadly, many sim racers lack even the most basic understanding of vehicle dynamics and how to drive.

So what is the purpose or moral this post?  Be skeptical when people assert that a vehicle is hard to drive.  There are vehicles that people declare are hard to drive which are, in fact, quite forgiving if you know what you’re doing and also great vehicles to learn on.  A perfect example of this is the 60s F1 vehicles which I will be doing video on how to drive so stay tuned…

Understanding these concepts completely transformed my sim racing. I’ll never forget the day I just randomly decided to “just check out this vehicle dynamics mumbo jumbo that all these nerds keep on about”. Sim racing was never the same after that. God sure did an amazing job with physics with my favorite thing being the endless trade-offs and continued reliance on testing. 

ALERT! – Don’t use timed races in SP


I’ve experienced dramatic improvement in AI performance since reading the below and switching to non-timed races…

AI performance is constantly being tweaked but hasn´t dramatically changed. One bug that has been diagnosed but not yet solved is that their fuel calculation is off in time-based races vs lap-based, skewing their performance. For now the solution for consistent AI performance is to always set race lentgh as lap-based.



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