The ISI Steam Saga Continues…

Email to Gjon…

Here is the quote from the webpage which I have taken a screenshot of and attached to this message:

“What happens to my non-Steam yearly online subscription when I convert?

For those who still have a decent amount of time remaining on their account, we can work with them to transfer that time over to Steam. Please use the following email to make the request:

Nothing in the above says that I have to email in advance of converting to Steam.  All it says is to use the email above to make the request, which I did.  This is not about my options.  It’s about your options.  You can either figure out how to transfer my 144 days to my Steam account or you can upgrade me to lifetime for free.  If you know of another alternative, I’m all ears.

If you do not honor what your website clearly states then that is your choice, not mine.

I am also formally requesting a review of why I was permanently banned from the forums without a single warning and therefore am unable to receive support from the community.  Again, you can choose not to respond.

Sorry just couldn’t resist re-posting this…

… in light of recent developments ; especially since this is what got me permanently banned, without warning from ISI forums:

Quote Originally Posted by P.S.R. 
“Steam = A) distraction, B) loss of control as ISI will surely abandon non-Steam, C) will drag down average IQ which will have cataclysmic ripple effect”
To clarify, distraction is distraction to ISI. Loss of control means loss of control over versions and what is installed and updated, etc. There is zero percent chance ISI is going to support non-Steam long term and rF3 will surely be Steam only.

Bottom line is that any system regresses to the lowest common denominator and there is no way ISI will invest in anything for non-Steam which is available via Steam because all it takes is a majority to claim control isn’t important, etc. to move away from the past. It is a simple global rule that introducing a disruptive (especially redundant) element into a system will impact the existing system etc.

I can easily list the many concessions that the community has already made and will continue to make and the fact is that you are all naive if you think Steam is all upside.

If you are that gullible then I will leave you to your own devices to discover it the hard way after it is too late.

Just to take a single example of absence of launcher updates from Steam version guarantees pressure from community to join Stream so there is a common catalog of mods etc. and this is just the beginning of failure to think this through and soon will be (already, actually) no turning back, etc.

The choice is clear and that is that there is no choice and inertia will be overwhelmed by d-bags who converted to Steam for absolutely no gain other than fluff which only retards care about etc.

The issue is (incredibly) ALREADY “why NOT move to Steam” instead of “why MOVE to Steam.

Can you guys seriously not see that? Nevermind. Obviously you can’t.

The older guys out there will probably have better perspective and understand the forces at work here but the younger guys who play hundreds of other games lol will simply lack the perspective to understand that there is no free lunch.

The only benefit of Steam is pulling in more money and that will come at a cost to everyone. If you don’t see that then you will soon enough or maybe not as tide has already shifted.

Congratulations, Steam, you’ve won.

Hilarious account of ISI being puzzled by predictions that they will drop non-Steam

My personal favorite quotes from the below (source)

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “abandon” non-Steam and what exactly makes you think ISI would abandon the non-Steam version anyway?

“It is a simple global rule that introducing a disruptive (especially redundant) element into a system will impact the existing system etc. ”  <– i.e. dropping non-Steam because is redundant
What the hell are u talking about?!

Frankly, I’m bored of reading bullcrap. Goodbye.

Also, for a laugh see this thread about voting for greenlighting rFactor 1 but with plenty of concern for rFactor 2 and plenty of b.s. from Tim Wheatley, as usual.  I started taking screenshots but there was simply too much b.s. to fit in a blog posting lol.






Two Great Races Yesterday

FINALLY back into the groove and having fun again.

Race 1 yesterday was the Formula Retro as Santa Cruz Do Sul.  The race ended in an incident which is precisely why it was a good race…or at least a good outcome IMO as

  • it confirms ever-present danger and risk/reward trade-offs
  • the incident was my fault
  • the rewards will be greater when I do prevail, knowing it isn’t a cakewalk

Race 2 was the Celica GTO at Toban.  Simply a great, challenging race with great feel from my accidental setup success.

Now…on to the next eleven cars in my rotation.  Still can’t believe I went from nearly zero to thirteen cars in just two months😯


“Scrap” Time Produces New Short List Item


After setting my goal to return my focus to racing in a deliberate way, I found myself with a little time to kill last night but not enough for a serious race.  So I decided to do what I dubbed at that moment as a “scrap” race ; a casual race using a combo that is not on my short list and therefore isn’t a loss if I get interrupted.

That combo was rFactor 2’s Celica GTO by 32 Pixels at Mid-OH, which I had recently raced only to compare with the 300ZX from RaceRoom’s recently-released GTO Classics car pack.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve always liked the Celica, but for one reason or another it was never on my short list for very long (pardon the pun).

And, having several versions of several setups, it’s not that I was driving the (quite horrific) default setup.  As an aside, I debated whether to start a “best car / worst default setup” list because of this car.

Anyway, the reason I selected this combo was that…well…it was already selected since it was my previous race in rFactor 2, but also because I found the vehicle much more difficult to handle than the Nissan and thought I might just do a few rule-breaking races with restarts to fiddle with the setup just a bit.

Twenty minutes or so later, I am driving a different car.  I didn’t do anything dramatic, I think I just got somewhat lucky and struck a good balance.  I can say that, however, that I did seem to take a different approach and was more tuned into what the car was doing, for whatever reason.

Anyway, knowing that mood, being in the zone, placebo, etc. can affect perception, I did a race this morning after sleeping on it (the idea, not the car😛 ) and also taking it to a different track (Lester) and was able to confirm that indeed I had landed on a car that needed a place in my short list after all🙂

I’ll post the setup once back at my PC.

One sim racer's exploits


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